410gsm flame retardant fabric

360gsm fire retardant fabric

350gsm FR anti-static fabric

330gsm flame resistant fabric

260gsm Polycotton satin fire retardant fabric

290gsm Cotton/Polyester blend twill FR fabric

Polycotton fluorescent yellow FR fabric

360gsm FR AS acidproof fabric

400gsm Cotton/Nylon FR fabric

350gsm multi-risk FR fabric

9oz flame retardant fabric

280gsm multi-functional fabric

ARAMID IIIA 150gsm Plain Inherently FR Fabric

China customized durable washing main sewing woven label for flame retardant clothing

China wholesale high tenacity polyester flame retardant sewing thread

Inherently FR 100% Meta-Aramd Para-Aramid Sewing Thread Used In FR Garments

flame retardant coverall

Xinxiang Zhuocheng Special Textile Co.,Ltd is a leading manufacturer specialized in researching and manufacturing special protective fabrics. Since 1998, our brand DROTEX has gathered rich experience and strength, with its technics quality control ability on top of the international market. DROTEX fabrics have been verified by BTTG, SGS, TUV, ITS,UL,etc, meeting even superior to standards of ENISO11611, EN ISO 11612, EN ISO 14116, EN ISO 61482, NFPA2112, ASTMF1506, NFPA70E, EN1149-1/3/5, EN13034, etc.

Now DROTEX has been the appointed brand of renowned clothing manufacturer, oil gas industry, iron and steel companies, Fire Protection Associations and is quite popular in US, Austrilia, EU and countries in North and South Americas.

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