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Flame Retardant Mechanism of DROTEX® Fabric

The Flame retardant fabric of DROTEX can be flame retardant by changing textile fiber degradation mechanism.The DROTEX high-molecular polymer will break down into phosphoric acid during the fire,and the phosphoric acid will prompt fiber to dehydrate,carbonize and form carbide layer.The carbide layer will stay in the original position to protect the user.
The DROTEX flame retardant agent will be permeated into the fabric fiber and become water-fast high-molecular polymer after chemical reaction,thus this high-molecular polymer will be stored in the fabric fiber permanently.As shown in the picture:

Flame Retardant Mechanism of DROTEX® Fabric

As the DROTEX high-molecular polymer has formed a permanent connection inside the fabric,the fabric was given permanent flame retardant feature.As shown in the picture:

Flame Retardant Mechanism of DROTEX® Fabric

From the picture we can see that the initial washing has made the char length longer,but the following washings is almost no effect of char length.This is because initial washing caused fabric attrition.Within the effective valid of the fabric,there is little change of the flame retardant property.
The DROTEX flame retardant agent mainly made of phosphate compounds,even the high-molecular polymer is mainly made of phosphorus.No heavy metal or any other elements permeated into the fiber during its flame retardant producing.So the DROTEX fabric is absolutely safe and environmental and will not cause harm to human body and skin.

Flame Retardant Mechanism of DROTEX® Fabric

Vertical flame test on Drotex® FR fabric


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