Why more expensive clothes more easily fade

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Recently, I received a "complain" from a friend!

He said that save money for three months and finally bought a luxury coat! When you wear it, how much vanity is satisfied. However, when I was washing, it turned out to be colored, and it was colored...

It’s gone, it’s also “squatting in the fish pond”



An innocent white coat was so "stained"


In the past, we always felt that this would happen only if the goods were sold for $50 . But look at those LV, Chanel's tops, pants, once the color is lost, it is not worse than 50 times.

And last year, there were related events that caused heated discussions on the Internet.

Although it is a paragraph, it also reflects a problem: the more expensive the clothes, the easier it is to fade.

Why is this?

Today,We gave you an answer.

Why are some brand-name clothing particularly easy to fade?

As consumer safety awareness increases, many branded apparels begin to use plant dyeing: dyeing some natural ingredients from plants for dyeing. These dyes are harmless and environmentally friendly, but have poor color fastness and are easy to fade.

▼ For example, the “blue dyeing” process is to extract indigo from the plant indigo and then artificially dye the fabric.


Due to poor color fastness, such clothes should not be soaked and stacked for a long time when washing, and can not be washed with high temperature.

Which kind of clothing will fade?

Of course, the severity of the drop is different in different situations.

On fabrics, natural fibers are more likely to fade than chemical fibers. That is, cotton, hemp, silk, and wool textiles are more likely to fade than nylon, polyester, and acrylic.

Secondly, textiles with darker colors and brighter colors are more likely to fade, and if they are mixed with other clothes, they are easier to cross. On the other hand, textiles with light, dull colors are not easy to fade.


▲from the left to right ,the color fastness will be worest

Washing method for preventing clothes from falling and fading

Although the clothes will fade, we still have to wash clothes (except for local tyrants). Next, the president will share 4 tricks:

1, in order to avoid the color of clothing, should use neutral detergent, wash in cold water. For example, silk detergent, shampoo, detergent, etc., do not use detergent, soap and other irritating;

2. When washing, the clothes of dark color and light color should be washed separately to avoid the mutual staining of the dark and light colors, especially when using the washing machine, it is easier to cross color;

3, rinse with water after washing, to avoid soap or alkaline detergent remaining in the clothing;

4, do not expose to the sun, should be placed in a cool, ventilated place to dry.

Tips: When washing in winter, the water temperature is too low, which will affect the washing effect, and cold water will hurt your hands. You can add some hot water as appropriate, and the overall temperature can be around 20-25 °C.