What damage does the arc cause to the human body?

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The radiant heat generated by the arc voltage is as high as several thousand degrees Celsius, which can damage the equipment, and can cause explosions, fire, life and property safety. Especially in the oil and power industry, more attention is needed. Due to the particularity of the industry, it is more likely to cause accidents and even casualties.
The main damage of the arc to the human body is as follows:
◆ electric shock to death
When the worker is in direct contact with the current, the current will act on the heart and cause ventricular fibrillation and current to act on the respiratory center palsy or dyspnea caused by the cerebral or respiratory muscles. Ventricular fibrillation is usually caused by low voltage currents, which often cause respiratory paralysis and can also cause cardiac arrest and secondary shock.
◆Severe burns caused by burning clothes
       Workers do not need to be exposed to the arc to be injured, because the radiant heat generated by the arc produces temperatures as high as several thousand degrees Celsius, which melts the tool and burns the clothes in a short time, so the cotton or polyester clothes are also in the absence of flame. It will ignite and burn, and once it is ignited, it will burn continuously and cause fatal damage to the wearer.
◆The clothes burst and cause serious burns
       The explosion or shock generated by the arc can cause the daily clothes to break apart, leaving the worker's body directly exposed to high heat, flame or molten metal.
◆Synthetic fiber underwear dripping and causing severe burns
Even in the absence of burning of the outer garment, the high heat generated by the arc is sufficient to melt the underwear made of synthetic fiber material. Since the underwear is close to the skin, it is easy to cause the skin to adhere to the fabric, which causes the wearer to be very serious, even Fatal damage.
In foreign countries, many cases of electric arc injury have shown that the worker's clothing is not qualified to cause burning, resulting in serious injuries. Therefore, assessing the degree of hazard in a specific work environment and providing workers with appropriate arc personal protective clothing has become a common safety standard requirement in Europe and the United States. The arc-proof clothing can provide users with more escape time and reduce the degree of burn, thereby improving the survival rate of the accident victim.
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