Industry Standard Training

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Enterprise internal training is one of the important means to promote the sustainable development of the enterprise and improve the quality and ability of the personnel.
For more than 20 years, Xinxiang Zhuocheng Special Textile Co., Ltd. has accumulated rich experience in the development and production of protective fabrics and protective clothing. The company has established an internal trainer team to conduct industry standard training for all business personnel every week.


The internal trainer team is composed of senior business personnel. They combine their own work experience, market conditions in various countries and customer feedback to disassemble and refine industry standards and terminology, international standards, national standards (European, American, Australian standards, etc.), and domestic standards. They take a multi-pronged approach and explain in a simple way. Something profound in the way.

Industry standards are changing with the times. What remains unchanged is our professional attitude of advancing with the times. With the goal of "providing better safety protection for global workers", DROTEX will continue to produce high-quality products for special Environmental workers provide the best protection.