Safety tips on PPE

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Safety tips on PPE

What you wear on the job and how you care for it is just as important as knowing how to do the job.Your personal protective equipment (PPE) can save you from injury and even save your life.Follow these guidelines for using PPE:


üAlways check with your employer for specific PPE guidelines.


üWear your personal protective equipment properly.Ask your supervisor if youre not sure how to use any item.


üUse equipment that fits you properly.


üCheck your gear for leaks,tears,cracks or other signs of wear before use.


üIf your equipment is defective,repair or replace it before use.


üReport any health problems while using your protective equipment.


üWear clean PPE and clothing. Oily and greasy clothes catch fire more easily and dust and grease can irritate your skin.


× Never wear street-wear eyeglasses in palce of certified safety glasses.


× Never store your hard hat in a car,window,or other hot place.The sun and heat can reduce its effectiveness.


üFollow guidelines for removing contaminated PPE,and decontaminate your equipment when necessary.


üHave extra PPE at the worksite in case of lost,misplaced or damaged equipment.


üAlways have safety equipment available for new hires.