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Flame retardant anti-arc workwear fabric



Flame retardant anti-arc workwear fabric

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Flame retardant anti-arc workwear fabric

1. Form of arc damage

1. Arc explosion burn is the most serious injury in arc injury, which mainly comes from the thermal radiation and splashing molten metal emitted by the arc explosion.

2. Severe burns caused by arc explosions that continue to burn after the clothes are ignited or melt droplets on the clothes.

3. The loud noise caused by the explosion of the arc does damage to the hearing.

4. The physical damage caused by the impact force of the arc explosion to the human body
Second, the arc damage to the human body

Arc injury generally refers to the arc thermal burn caused by the human body encountering the huge arc heat generated by electricity in the ionized air when the human body is not in contact with current; while other electrical injuries are often more due to Destructive damage to internal and external human tissues caused when the human body is directly exposed to the power supply current. In general, people are more aware of accidental electrocution, when in fact in the power industry, hidden and unknown arc injuries are more dangerous. The arc hazard is often different from other electrical injuries in that it is often negligible and difficult to avoid without contact, and direct contact with ignited clothing can cause severe burns or death to workers.

3. Measurement of arc strength

The unit of Arc Thermal Performance Value (ATPV) is Cal/cm2 (calories per square centimeter); it refers to the total energy in a unit area and is used to detect the strength of the arc. 

The exposure energy of 1 Cal/cm2 is equivalent to a lit cigarette butt on the fingertip for 1 second, and as long as 1-2 Cal/cm2 will cause 2 degree burns to the human skin.

According to the American NFPA Association, it is known that the arc injury is mainly caused by the huge heat energy generated by the arc explosion, which leads to the burn of the human body. calories). The larger the ATPV value of the anti-arc clothing, the better the anti-arc performance.

4. Anti-arc series clothing

With the rapid development of the industry, more and more arc injury accidents have occurred, and the number of victims is increasing. Faced with such a situation, if the on-site personnel wear fire-resistant and thermal-protective clothing, the hope of escaping and being rescued in a disaster will be greater, and the injuries they will suffer will be less. Therefore, the anti-arc series of clothing effectively solves the safety problems of operators who have been plagued by electric power, chemical industry and other industries for a long time, and greatly reduces the probability of arc damage to operators.

Anti-arc clothing, suitable for full-time or part-time electric power employees in electric power and social enterprises and institutions for daily work, potential arc environment (but not suitable for use in special environments such as hazardous chemicals, toxic gases, nuclear radiation, etc.), and arc explosion. .

5. Technical description of anti-arc

The protective effect of the anti-arc clothing is based on the principle of arc discharge. The main reason why the anti-arc clothing can resist the damage of the arc is that the anti-arc clothing is made of high-tech materials. The material has the characteristics of heat resistance, flame retardant, non-combustion support, non-melting and H-class electrical insulation and other permanent fireproof and insulation characteristics. When an arc explosion occurs, this high-tech material will rapidly expand and the fabric will be carbonized to increase the density and thickness of the arc-proof clothing tissue, and quickly form a protective layer, thereby minimizing the contact damage between human skin and arc heat. . Special functions determine the excellent characteristics of arc-proof clothing, such as lightness, breathability, moisture permeability, permanent anti-static, health and environmental protection, etc.​

​6. Layer structure of anti-arc clothing

1. 5cal (210g/m2), 9.1cal (230g/m2), 15.5cal (270g/m2) single-layer permanent flame retardant protective fabric products

Material: The anti-arc fabric is made of aramid fiber blended with FR-VISCOSE, and the raw materials used are all permanent flame retardant materials.

2. 22cal double layer permanent flame retardant protective fabric product

3. 35cal three-layer permanent flame retardant protective fabric product

Material: Made of anti-arc fabric, all raw materials used are permanent flame retardant materials

Through advanced production technology, the anti-arc products are sewn with permanent flame-retardant sewing thread, so that this product integrates excellent properties such as anti-arc, flame retardant, heat insulation, ventilation, and comfort.

7. Anti-arc classification

​Anti-arc clothing is divided into two categories: one is anti-arc operation clothing (long gown type), and the other is anti-arc work clothing (three-tight jacket and trousers type).

Anti-arc operating clothing (long gown type): used for electrical operation, protection level ATPV ≥ 10cal/cm2 (ATPV refers to the standard value of arc heat resistance, the same below).

Anti-arc work clothes (three-tight jacket and trousers type): used as daily work clothes, the protection level of anti-arc clothes is ATPV ≥ 5cal/cm2.
Selection when ATPV value and EBT value coexist
The ATPV value is based on the Stoll curve, and the energy incident on the material has a 50% chance of allowing enough heat to penetrate the specimen to cause a second degree burn. That is, the thermal radiation protection value of the anti-arc fabric.

The EBT value is the energy incident on the material that has a 50% probability of breaking the sample. When the total area of ​​holes in the fabric exceeds 1.6cm2, we consider it to be broken. That is, the arc protection rupture value of the anti-arc fabric

When the two appear in the test report of the same anti-arc fabric, only the lowest value can be taken as the grade standard of the fabric, otherwise it will bring security risks to the user.

Zhuocheng Textile's flame-retardant and anti-arc special fabric is made of 100% natural fiber "cotton" or cotton and strong nylon. Antistatic and eco-friendly properties of cotton fibers. The protective clothing made of this fabric is comfortable to wear, breathable, breathable, and non-irritating to the skin. It is the first choice for customers who pay attention to natural environmental protection characteristics. This product meets the requirements of OEKO-TEX STANDARD 100, and its flame retardant performance can meet the standards of GB8965-2009, EN11611, EN11612, NFPA2112 and so on.


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