Resource Integration of Drotex

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Resource Integration of Drotex
With credible reputation and improving performance during years,our company accumulated large numbers of upstream and downstream suppliers in the whole textile industry chain, who are stand together to support each other, which build up a good basis for us to exploring the market and ensure good quality and service. 
Bttg,SGS and UL are international authoritative organisations who can test the physical and chemical performance and provide certificates and test reports about the International Standards. Having these reports means our fabrics reach international requirements and can be widely used in protective garments manufacture.
Also our products have been certified by Oeko-Tex Standar 100,which means it is environmental friendly and no harm to people,can contact directly with human skin.
Cooperated with Tanatex and Huntsman,our company is authorized to produce high quality Pyrovatex CP flame retardant fabric and anti-mosquito fabrics.
Our company is member of CNITA and tactic cooperate partner with Tayho and Yuanfeng to manufacture excellent aramid fabrics or modacrylic/cotton blend fabrics.Also we have been doing many research projects in Donghua University,aiming to innovate more competitive products for customers all over the world.