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Standards for FR Clothing


Standards for FR Clothing

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Standards for FR Clothing



EU standard applicable to protective clothing for workers exposed to heat.
The clothing consists of outer garments made from flexible material to protect specific parts of the body.
Hoods and gaiters are included but all other types of protection for the head, hands and feet are excluded.
CodeA Limited flame spread, CodeB Convective heat, CodeC Radiant heat,
CodeD Molten Aluminium splash (part of EN531), CodeE Molten Iron splash (part of EN531) (The higher the number following the letter code the higher the standard i.e. B2 is a higher standard than B1.) EN532
Protective clothing. Protection against heat and flame. Test method for limited flame spread.
Specifies a method whereby a small flame is applied to vertically orientated specimens of textiles and textile related materials.
Protective Clothing – protection against heat and flame. Limited flame spread of materials and material assemblies. A classification system is given for materials and material assemblies.
EU standard specifies test methods and general performance requirements for operators engaged
in welding and allied processes with comparable risks. This type of clothing is intended to protect the wearer against small splashes of molten metal, short contact time with flame, and ultraviolet radiation
and to be worn continuously for up to 8hr at ambient temperature.
Specification for high-visibility warning clothing
Specifies requirements for clohting signalling the user’s presence visually, in daylight and when illuminated
by vehicle headlights in darkness.
Protective clothing – Electrostatic properties
Specifies electrostatic requirements and test methods for electrostatic dissipative protective clothing to
avoid incendiary discharges. The requirement may not be sufficient in oxygen enriched flammable atmospheres. This standard is not applicable for protection against main voltages.

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