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Quality Control SPINNING
Qualified Supplier
20% higher than the quality of buyer's requirement
Excellent Quality,Excellent Price
Inspection before delivery,weaving mill re-check

Long term cooperation qualified supplier
Inspection before delivery,dyeing factory re-check
Quality inspection QC in factory

Quality Control DYEING
Inspection before delivery,our factory re-check
QC follows quality supervision at all stage
Eco-friendly dyes with good color fastness
Test before delivery

Full sets testing machine
Frequent comprehensive detection
Third party inspection
Internal quality control is better that that of foreign related standards
Once functional performance failed,order can't be delivered
DROTEX flame retardant and/or other eco-friendly agent

Quality Control

DROTEX's Laborotary are equipped with advanced apparatus and professional technical stuffs.
Performance of Finished products will be tested to guarantee the good quality before delivery.

Quality Control