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ARCSAFE fabric,blended by long stapled cotton and high tenacity nylon fiber,is outstanding in softness and durability.Its main advantages are:
1.Better abrasion resistance
2.Higher color fastness
3.Excellent arc flash protection property.
ARCSAFE fabric also has higher ATPV value and better thermal protective property and is widely uesd in welding,smelting and oil gas industry.

400gsm Cotton/Nylon FR fabric

350gsm multi-risk FR fabric

9oz flame retardant fabric

280gsm multi-functional fabric

260gsm C/N fireproof fabric

7.5oz C/N anti flame fabric

7oz cotton nylon FR fabric

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Drotex ARCSAFE® Product Series
Item No. Composition Weight GSM Weave Width Treatment
CN400 88/12% Cotton/Nylon 400 3/1 Twill 58/59" Drotex FR
CN350AS 87/11/2% Cotton/Nylon/AS 350 4/1 Sateen 58/59" Drotex FR,Anti-acid
CN9oz 88/12% Cotton/Nylon 305 3/1 Twill 58/59" Drotex FR
CN280AS 87/11/2% Cotton/Nylon/AS 280 3/1 Twill 58/59" Drotex FR,Teflon
CN260 88/12% Cotton/Nylon 260 3/1 Twill 58/59" Drotex FR
CN7.5oz 88/12% Cotton/Nylon 250 3/1 Twill 58/59" Drotex FR
CN7oz 88/12% Cotton/Nylon 235 3/1 Twill 58/59" Drotex FR